Our Boards are responsible for setting the overall direction of the organisation and monitoring its performance.

Being a Board member is a voluntary role and we seek people from a wide range of backgrounds, with different levels of experience and areas of expertise.

Horton Housing Association Board (HHA)

Horton Housing Association Board (HHA) oversees the activities of Horton Housing Association, Bradford Base and Horton Housing Support Limited. Its members are:

Chartford Housing Limited Board (CHL)

Chartford Housing’s Management Board meets every eight weeks and is responsible for setting the overall direction and monitoring the performance of Chartford Housing Ltd.

Group Audit and Risk Committee (GARC)

The Group Audit and Risk Committee helps our Boards by checking that we are doing the right things in the right way. It works closely with our internal and external auditors. It looks at things like our values and ethics, the way we manage money and the way we manage risk.

Group Asset Management Development Committee (GAMDC)

The Group Asset Management and Development Committee (GAMDC) looks at the way we manage and develop properties. It helps our Boards to make decisions about how best to spend money to make sure our properties are well maintained and safe.

As part of our annual processes and our compliance with the National Housing Federation Code of Governance our Board Members make an annual disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest. You can request a copy of these details by contacting headoffice@hortonhousing.co.uk

You can also request a copy of the EDI profile of the Boards by contacting headoffice@hortonhousing.co.uk

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