Is someone hurting you?

Is someone:

  • Making you feel bad
  • Hurting you
  • Controlling you
  • Saying mean things about you or to you
  • Asking you for money
  • Forcing you to do things you don’t want to do?

They could be hurting you:

  • Physically (hitting, slapping, pinching, biting, burning you)
  • Emotionally (saying horrible things about you or to you, shouting at you)
  • Controlling you (telling you when you can go out and who you can see, reading your messages)
  • Financially (borrowing money and not giving it back, asking you to pay for things)
  • Sexually (whether you are in a relationship or not, you have the right to choose what you want to do and who you do it with)
  • Harassing you (for example constant phone calls, threatening behaviour in person or online).

We sometimes refer to this behaviour as abuse.

Abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere. It could be by a stranger or by someone you know very well, such as a family member, friend, neighbour or carer. It can happen in your own home, in the street, or in a place where staff are supposed to look after or support you.

Abuse is never your fault and you have the right to get help. Please talk to us, or someone you trust.

We will always take action if someone is suffering from abuse. We have trained all our staff to understand what abuse is and what to do to help you.

There is a lot of support available and we will help you access it.

Click here to see the support available

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