Making a complaint is speaking up about something you are not happy with or you do not like.

What can I complain about?

Here are some of the things you might want to complain about:

  • People – how staff or other Horton clients talk to you and treat you.
  • Support – are you getting what you need?
  • Information – have things been explained to you so that you understand?
  • Buildings/Accommodation – are there any problems?

It is fine to make a complaint. If you tell us you are unhappy with something or someone, you will not: 

  • lose your support
  • lose your home, or 
  • be treated badly. 

How do I complain?

Tell someone as soon as possible. This may help to get your problem sorted out quickly.

Think about what you want to say:

  • What happened? 
  • When it happened?
  • Where it happened?
  • Who you are complaining about? 
  • What you want to happen to make things better? 

Who do I tell? 

  • Your Support Worker 
  • The Manager 
  • Anyone who works at Horton. 

 Or you can also tell someone else that you trust, this might be:

  • Family Member
  • Friend
  • Advocate

They can help you get in touch with the people you need to complain to.

You can also tell us what you are unhappy about by:

  • Calling us on 01274 370689
  • Speaking to someone in person at a scheme or head office. 
  • Emailing us at
  • Writing a letter to: Horton Housing Association, Chartford House, 54 Little Horton Lane, Bradford, BD5 0BS.

What happens to your complaint?

We will try to sort things out straight away.

If we can’t sort things out straight away, we will tell you what is happening.

We will try our best to sort out your complaint within 10 working days.

What if I am still unhappy?

If you are still unhappy you can complain to organisations outside Horton Housing.

We will tell you who you can contact in the appeal letter we send you. If you need help to understand the letter, please let us know.

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