Ray Milne

Board Profile: Ray Milne

Currently working full-time in Risk Management for a large UK bank, I am passionate about customer fair value, the digital revolution and bringing more science into risk. Married with four grown up children, I live in Huddersfield and have developed a love of long daily walks around our amazing West Yorkshire countryside.

I was a board member of a drug and alcohol service that was taken over by Horton Housing. I wanted to join the Board to ensure that its contributions to the Bradford Community continued as part of a larger organisation and that is also focussed on the socially disadvantaged.

The main benefit to me of being part of the Horton Housing Board is contributing to the communities served by an organisation that provides critical support to those experiencing issues such as homelessness or substance and alcohol misuse in several Yorkshire districts.

I work in financial services and have nearly 40 years’ experience of risk management, manufacturing and distribution in the retail banking and insurance industries. As a qualified Actuary and past Council Member and a past Vice President of the Chartered Insurance Institute, I believe that my experience in finance and risk management helps me to make a difference on the board.

Ray is a member of Horton Housing’s Management Board and the Group Audit and Risk Committee.