Gurmeet Virdi

Board Profile: Gurmeet Virdi

With both children in the medical profession constantly reminding me to drink less, eat healthier and exercise more often, being on the Horton Housing Board feels very satisfying as it allows me to put something back into the sector.

I have worked in a number of roles but will always remember how rewarding it is for someone to be allocated a property that they convert into a happy home, where they can pick themselves up and become a valued member of the local community.

As a senior manager for over 20 years working in both the public and private sectors of housing, I know that good housing really does affect life opportunities for people. I am a Sikh and have a good insight to some of the issues being experienced by some people who are marginalised by mainstream housing. I work hard at building good working relationships that add value to service delivery, improving our impact in our area of operation and the lives of our clients.

Working for a large local authority I am aware of the statutory obligations, the need for fair, robust and transparent processes and listening to feedback from customers. I have a strong social conscience and I’m committed to creating opportunities and ensuring access is available to all.

I have been impressed by Horton’s development programme to meet the needs of more people in these difficult times. What I value the most from being on the board is the personal learning and development opportunities together with the challenge and support from very experienced colleagues all with a similar agenda, vision and values.

My three main hobbies are:

• Travelling
• Trying different food and drink
• Board games

Gurmeet is Chair of the Group Audit and Risk Committee and a member of Horton Housing’s Management Board.