Mark’s story

Mark came to Horton’s Spring Street accommodation in Kirklees in September 2023. He had a drug addiction and became homeless as a result. Through his stay at Spring Street and connecting with local drug support organisations and charities, Mark worked on moving away from his addiction and is now in recovery. This is his story. …

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Allison’s story

“I am putting together my lived experience with my education,” explains Housing Support Worker Allison, proudly scrolling through photos of her recent graduation. “My education is really important for working together with other professionals and understanding the laws and things like that, but my lived experiences have taught me empathy and an understanding of where …

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Richard’s story

Before Horton I was facing health complications due to prolonged alcohol use. My alcohol use had impacted my tenancy and I was being evicted. I had a history of offending behaviour and had spent time in prison. During my time in prison I would complete detoxes for my alcohol usage but then on release I …

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Ian’s story

Ian was supported by our Harrogate Stay Well team. “I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some feedback from my experience of working with Horton Housing. “At a Corporate level, the service and support I have received from Horton has delivered precisely ‘what it says on the tin’. This all began …

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Presenting: Our Stories

We are proud to launch Our Stories, an online publication celebrating the voices of our colleagues, volunteers and the people Horton Housing supports. To download your free copy, use either of the links below. We would like to thank everybody who has helped contribute their stories towards this publication.

Elyas’ story

Elyas and his family arrived in the UK in January 2022. They were relocated to a bridging hotel in Bradford as part of the Government’s response to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Elyas had worked in the British Embassy in Kabul as a teacher of English. This meant that he and his family were not …

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Volunteering & Me: David’s Story

“I see a bright future for the young people here. Sometimes, people can’t see their own potential and I want to encourage that, I really do,” explains YPASS volunteer David, briefly interrupted by laughter and music in the activities room next door. “That will be Just Dance on the Wii, but I’m not sure on …

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Meet Lucas

Lucas shares his experience of settling in Horton’s Craven Homeless Hub in Skipton and getting the chance to be himself. Greetings! I’m Lucas, a 24-year-old with a passion for creating unique fictional worlds and immersing myself in storytelling. Whether it’s through world-building, crafting narratives, or even playing Minecraft, I find joy in transporting myself and …

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Joanne’s story

Joanne is one of our managers. Her own experiences have helped her to empathise with the people she works with and understand the challenges they face. This is her story. “I had a good childhood, a good upbringing. I did really well at school and went onto college. There was a lot of heroin around …

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Gareth’s story

Gareth (not his real name) and his pregnant partner were living in a high rise flat in Bradford before they received support from Horton Housing. Gareth has spondylosis (a curved back) which causes him pain and asthma which made climbing the stairs to his twelfth floor flat difficult. He and his partner both experience mental …

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