Board Profile: David Noble

I am one of the longest serving board members and for much of this time I have been chair of the Audit Committee of the Board of Management.

My specialism during my career was corporation tax, providing professional advice to large companies including banks and building societies. Reviewing the accounts and discussing the financial side of the organisation is my main strength; it’s an area where I can use my knowledge and expertise and where I feel most comfortable.

Being a Board member keeps me in touch with the commercial world having now retired from corporate life. I enjoy the business involvement and always look forward to the Board meetings.

I also feel an attachment to Horton, having been brought up in Bradford myself. Being a local means that I am familiar with the issues that Horton faces. When I learn about new properties we are developing, I can visualise the areas where they are situated. I enjoy being able to put something back into the city I was born and grew up in.

I am married, with two children and have four grandchildren. I enjoy walking and sports.

David is a member of the Group Asset Management & Development Committee.