Ernest Gilbert Gray

Board Profile: Ernie Gilbert Gray

In 2016 when Horton Housing had our ‘Leicester City’ moment and won the UK Housing Association of the year, I gained enormous personal satisfaction for helping to shape the strategic direction of the organisation.

Having been in the social housing field since 1974, I have worked for several local authorities during my career including a metropolitan authority, ALMO and a number of voluntary organisations. I consider myself as a person with both strategic and operational experience at a senior and executive level.

I am visually impaired having suffered eye loss in 1997 and I also recovered from advanced bowel cancer in 2008. Despite such personal setbacks, I still have an enthusiasm for the housing and regeneration world and particularly enjoy coaching and mentoring younger people who possess hidden talents. If I could give any advice to any potential new Board members, it would be to learn from the past and not to live in it.

I am married and have two sons and two daughters. There are too many grandchildren to name! The majority live in West Yorkshire with my other grandchildren living in London. The joys of blended families!

Three interesting facts about me:

• My favourite film is A Matter of Life and Death
• I used to coach football teams
• I enjoy politics and debate

Ernie is the Secretary of the Horton Housing Management Board. He is also the Chair of the Group Asset Management and Development Committee and the Policy and Resources Committee.