Horton Housing Group signed up to be official adopters of the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Charter in December 2020.

This means we want to make sure that:

  • you are safe and listened to
  • you can help shape our services if you want to
  • the homes we provide are good quality
  • when things go wrong, it is easy for you to tell us or make a complaint and we will sort it out quickly.

Our commitment applies to everyone, regardless of whether you live in our accommodation or are accessing any other Horton service.

If you would like to find out more about the charter, please visit the National Housing Federation’s website.

Together with Tenants update

Here’s an update on some of the involvement activities we have seen across our accommodation over the recent months.

Tenants have been involved in commenting on some of our policies, performance and future direction. These have included:

Our plans for next year 

Tenants were asked to comment on our business planning goals for the next 12 months and to let us know if they think we’re going in the right direction. 

Fair exit and move on

Tenants were also asked if the ways we assist them to move on from our services are fair.

First round of feedback on the Tenant Satisfaction Measures

These measures are intended to make our performance as a landlord more visible to tenants, and help tenants hold their landlords to account. The feedback received will be used to improve our performance and is also looked at by the Housing Regulator to make sure that we are meeting housing standards and expectations.

We would like to thank everyone for their feedback on all of these topics. Your feedback continues to make sure that we provide high quality services in a way our tenants want. Summaries of all these topics feature in this edition of the newsletter and further information will be published on Horton’s website.

Services continue to run interesting and fun involvement activities. Tenants have reported enjoying new experiences that have brought them closer together with other tenants and Horton colleagues. Many services have really embraced ‘Cook and Eat’ and ‘Cake and Chat’ sessions. A lot of fun and creativity has been on display in the range of different dishes prepared, and the ‘Cake and Chat’ sessions have seen tenants and guest speakers talk about topics of interest.

Tenants have raised an interest in having more involvement in the areas around their home. They also hope to approach local garden centres for help in assisting them to add a little personal touch to their surroundings. This has also seen tenants and Horton colleagues forming a litter picking team to keep communal grounds and surroundings ‘spic and span’.

We aim to go from strength to strength in truly involving our tenants in the accommodation and services we provide. If you have any ideas or comments that you would like to share in helping us to achieve this, please contact Dale Robinson, our Together with Tenants Lead.

How are we doing?

Every three months we publish key performance indicators (KPIs) which show how we are performing as an organisation. Visit this webpage to see our latest figures.

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