Ian was supported by our Harrogate Stay Well team.

“I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some feedback from my experience of working with Horton Housing.

“At a Corporate level, the service and support I have received from Horton has delivered precisely ‘what it says on the tin’. This all began with my introductory assessment meeting with you, where I was impressed with the range of support interventions that Horton could offer, with its specialism at helping clients to ensure that their housing arrangements and environment was commensurate with the needs and requirements of that individual client.

“In my case, this was not only my number one priority, but also an increasingly urgent issue. And my needs were met in this context within a week or two of the appointment by my Support Worker! Amazing, given that other organisations had failed palpably to achieve this kind of success over a period spanning around nine months.

“On a more personal level, I came away from my introductory meeting with you feeling that I had, for the first time in a long time, been properly listened to, that my unique circumstances and needs were thoroughly understood and authentically recognised and, that you and your team would work as hard as they could to secure more suitable accommodation for me and provide me with a focused support plan that extended far beyond the immediate housing priority problem.

“You remained empathetic, professional, diligent and understanding throughout the assessment. Above all else, I felt as though I was being treated as an individual, with his own unique issues, circumstances, needs and contexts.

“Unlike many other organisations, even those in a similar market as Horton, where I was made to feel as though I was simply just one more name to remove from the list of people requiring tailored support to properly meet their needs based on their vulnerabilities and individual specific requirements, irrespective of whether the solution met the primary aims and needs of those clients.

“Horton not only provided me with relevant solutions across the entirety of my Support Plan, but also helped to restore my faith in, and respect for, organisations in a sector created specifically to support vulnerable clients to be able to move forward and better themselves as individuals and to better their living environment.

“And, finally, onto Leanne, my support worker. What can I say? Leanne has been thorough, professional and competent throughout our time together. Not only does she possess the interpersonal skills and the empathy appropriate to fulfil the Support Worker role, but she also consistently demonstrated authentic understanding of the issues I brought to the table, owing to her skills, experience, talent and abilities.

“I soon knew that I was able to place my faith in every aspect of what she recommended or suggested, knowing that I could trust that the outcome we arrived at was the best and most suitable and appropriate for my longer term benefit, from the range of options available. Leanne was particularly adept at signposting me to the best person or organisation possible to best meet the aims and objectives we had mutually agreed upon.

“Let’s face it, on the next occasion when Horton Housing needs to recruit a Support Worker, there is no need for you to draw up a person specification to underpin the job specification. You can simply say ‘model yourself on Leanne’ and you will definitely be the right person for the role.

“In closing, thanks to you and your team, I am in a much stronger, stable and positive state of mind right now, both from a housing environment perspective and from a mental health wellbeing point of view. Clearly, Leanne has been the primary influence in terms of moving me forwards and instrumental in meeting my physical, emotional and psychological needs. I cannot thank her enough for her support, practical and emotional, and for showing that she genuinely cared that I was progressing upwards on my recovery journey, despite a series of challenges we encountered along the way.

“Thank you Leanne and thank you Niamh for building and nurturing such a highly motivated and productive team at StayWell. You should be rightfully and justifiably proud of each and every one of them.”

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