07584 015759
Support Type
Accommodation, Floating Support
Support provided to
Single people, Couples, Families, 18+
To access this service
you can refer yourself OR be referred by an agency/professional
Full Description

Harrogate Stay Well is for people aged 18 and over, who are experiencing mental health and housing issues in the Harrogate borough.

The service provides temporary accommodation, support in your own home, and empowerment, wellbeing and volunteering opportunities through strength based workshops delivered as part of the scheme.

We will work alongside you to:

  • develop skills to manage your home
  • keep you healthy, safe and well
  • build your resilience and wellbeing to develop your independence
  • access education, training, work and/or volunteering opportunities

We accept both self-referrals and referrals by a professional (with permission from the person being referred).

For a referral or enquiry, contact the team by emailing

Harrogate STAY Well service description (docx.)

Harrogate STAY Well selection and allocation policy (docx.)

Service Area(s)
North Yorkshire
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