Chartford Housing

Chartford Housing Limited is a subsidiary of Horton Housing Group and has its own Board – please see below. It is a ‘Registered Provider’ with the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and a registered charity. Chartford Housing was officially registered with the RSH on 1 October 2015, registration number 4821.

As a Registered Provider, Chartford Housing can access funding that is not available to Horton Housing Association, such as grants from Homes England’s Affordable Homes Programme.

In its first three and a half years of operation, Chartford Housing has secured £2.2 million from Homes England to create 93 social housing homes in Bradford, Halifax and Skipton. In addition to creating these new homes, Chartford Housing also acts as landlord to about 300 properties across West and North Yorkshire.

Clients living in Chartford Housing properties can access support from Horton Housing’s services, including courses at the Training Centre and Tenancy Ready Training.

Chartford Housing Limited is Registered in England with company registration number 8662400 and is also a registered charity number 1162562. Its registered office address is Chartford House, 54 Little Horton Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD5 0BS.

Chartford Housing Board

Chartford Housing’s Management Board meets every eight weeks and is responsible for setting the overall direction and monitoring the performance of Chartford Housing Ltd.

The Board is made up of independent members who are not paid by the organisation but are interested in its work.

Members review performance measures for the organisation, set standards, monitor finances and make key strategic decisions. Senior Management is responsible for implementing those decisions.

board members

John Bell

Mark Bell

Sarah Benjamin

Phil Charlton

Mark Dowson

Alan Goodrum

clive greenwood

Wayne Noteman

nick warden


Download the most recent Audited Accounts for Chartford Housing:

Chartford Housing Limited Signed Accounts 2020