Abdul Khan

I’m currently Chief Executive Officer of a supported housing provider called the Supported Housing Fellowship and previously, I was Chief Operating Officer of a national housing association very similar to Horton. I have a wide experience from working with the NHS, private sector and civil service. I’m very passionate about social housing, particularly homelessness. In addition to my role at Horton, I’m also a non-executive director for another housing association.

I believe that I bring insight from a national level of running the types of services we provide, through my experience in the supported housing sector. Service delivery at Horton Housing has always been second to none and I am proud to associate myself with a provider that focuses on high-quality service and high-quality support. My niche is Horton Housing: all day, every day!

I value the exposure to the different dynamics and challenges facing the social housing environment in Bradford, particularly the disparity between general needs housing and social housing available. I am learning a lot about the different ways of working with different local authorities and the different pressures that each local authority experiences.

Three interesting facts about me:

  • I’m a bit of a petrolhead
  • I love cooking, in particular barbecues
  • I studied Medical Science at university
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