Gareth (not his real name) and his pregnant partner were living in a high rise flat in Bradford before they received support from Horton Housing.

Gareth has spondylosis (a curved back) which causes him pain and asthma which made climbing the stairs to his twelfth floor flat difficult.

He and his partner both experience mental health challenges caused by past traumas and learning disabilities. With concerns about his partner’s mental health and fear that she may harm herself and the baby, the couple wanted to find somewhere more suitable to live.

Our HACS 4 Men service in Bradford helped Gareth, his partner and their young son to find a home – directly opposite his mum! The new place has a garden for the youngster to play in and means that Gareth can get out more.

He said: ‘It’s better because it’s not so high up. Now I have my mum close by for support.’

Gareth has PTSD after suffering abuse as a foster child along with schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. He also has hearing loss and problems with his vision.

‘At the beginning it was hard,’ Gareth said. ‘I used to let what had happened to me hold me back. I had kept it secret for ten years but then I had some counselling. It helped me deal with my issues and now I can talk about them. I’m a survivor and I don’t let my problems define me. Horton Housing has helped in every way possible.’

Gareth has been volunteering with the St John’s Ambulance and would like to start working with the youth team. Despite his anxiety about being in crowded spaces, Gareth recently volunteered at a Bradford City football match and watched the Bantams seal a spot in the League Two play-offs with a draw against champions Leyton Orient.

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