Shabana’s story

I had been drinking for 20 years (I’m 42 now) and went into detox in November 2022 when I came to HIPS (Horton Intervention and Prevention Service). I have now been clean for around four months. I have lived a rough life. I fled from domestic violence and have been in and out of hospital. …

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Doormat which has the words Home Sweet Home written on it

Ed’s story

Ed (not his real name) had been rough sleeping in Halifax town centre for three nights when he first came to our Street Reach service. He was very disheartened, quiet, untrusting and distressed, only saying a few words. Staff made him feel comfortable, offered him something warm to eat and drink, and gave him a …

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Time to Talk Day: Tom’s Story

“Talking is massive,” explains Tom, a volunteer at Horton Housing’s Young Persons’ Prevention and Support Service (YPASS). “With mental health issues, if you isolate them and they are stuck inside your own head, it will start to eat away at you. Connecting with people is a massive thing, as is having a select group of …

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Khalil’s story

Survival is all Khalil* has ever known. Bitter conflict has ravaged his homeland for as long as he can remember. Sweltering summers made way for bitterly cold winters and food and water supply were not always a guarantee. Danger lurked around every corner. “Five years ago in Afghanistan, it was very unsafe because in every …

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Doormat which has the words Home Sweet Home written on it

Kate’s story

Supported accommodation has offered Kate*, 28, the chance to live independently for the first time. Kate has had OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder] since childhood. She has intrusive thoughts and displays compulsive behaviour. Her OCD creates high anxiety. ‘It started with fire. I couldn’t lock doors and I had to check all the gas burners were …

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Andrew’s* story

“In 2020 I stupidly committed a number of criminal offences that led to me receiving a 32 month prison sentence, of which I served 16 months inside. I deeply hurt my friends and family, most of whom understandably cut off contact with me, and of course, lost my livelihood. I was released from jail on …

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Simon’s story

Simon* lost his job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He left his home and started rough sleeping, as he could no longer afford his rent and utility bills. A member of Street Reach staff approached Simon and offered him support. After being introduced to the service and accepting support, Simon was provided with temporary accommodation …

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hands of people drinking coffee

Tom’s story

“Now I am settled, I can keep thinking positively and carrying on with what I am doing,” said Tom, laughing with former support worker Justin. Tom started his journey with Horton Housing at Vale Street, a learning disability service in Todmorden and the Upper Valley area. When the service finished, Tom moved into shared accommodation …

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Shay holding up a sign

Shay’s story

Shay has volunteered at the training centre for around two years, after attending a group there in the past. He had previously helped out with odd jobs like painting and gardening before starting two new voluntary roles last year. “I am a Donations Delivery Driver and also a Donations Sorter,” he tells us, explaining how …

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Joe's photo

Joe’s story

“I’ve been interested in photography my whole life and have always found that photography is able to capture something unique and make other people really think about what they’re looking at,” said Joe, a client in one of our Young People’s services. “I love being outdoors and taking photos because it allows you to be …

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