Young people inspired after graffiti art workshop at our Group Living Service

Local artist Rotaone delivered a graffiti workshop to a number of young people at one of our Group Living Services in Bradford.

The day-long session helped demonstrate the basics of graffiti art in a safe and secure environment, allowing the young people to express themselves through art, with a BBQ rounding off an enjoyable day in the sun.

“I really enjoyed the graffiti, and it gave me a distraction from the things happening in my life,” explained one individual who attended the session. “I thought it was really good and helped me to get involved in something different. I really liked my day doing the graffiti and the BBQ was nice!”

The project was funded with help from The Leap, which aims to support local communities and grassroots arts and culture in Bradford and Keighley. Funding like this has a huge impact on the way we are able to run schemes like our Group Living Services, delivering fun activities to those we support.

Participating in enjoyable and creative workshops like this opens doors for young people, according to Scheme Manager Dave Redshaw.

“I thought the graffiti workshop was a really good session and something which the young people could get involved with and enjoy. It was great seeing how they all found something they enjoyed and if it wasn’t for the workshop, they may never have experienced a professional artist showing them how to be creative with a spray can in a safe and controlled environment.

“I believe it’s about giving young people a chance to have a voice in a way that they feel heard, and the graffiti encouraged this. Bringing the best out in young people by providing opportunities like this for them to show their talents helps them realise their potential.”

Take a look at some of the fantastic artwork below!