Employee supported volunteering

We encourage Horton Housing employees to participate in volunteering to make a positive difference to their wellbeing and the local community. Our employees can take two days paid leave per year to volunteer with services within Horton or externally.


Please contact us if you can offer our employees a volunteering experience by emailing volunteer.applications@hortonhousing.co.uk or call us on 01274 753348


Our employees can use their days to either be involved in a team event, a skills based activity or individual coaching or mentoring. They can choose from committing to a one-off session or give a few hours per week; either as a team, individually or even combine it with volunteering activities they already do.

The benefits to our employees:

  • They gain a sense of achievement on a personal and professional level
  • Have a greater understanding of the local community
  • Increase their teamwork skills
  • Enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Gain practical experience


Feedback from our HR team who ran a CV and job workshop for clients as part of their Employee Supported Volunteering activities:

“Overall it was a wonderful experience for the HR team to work directly with clients and volunteers, utilising our expertise to really help people find employment. It was a brilliant experience for all those involved and really demonstrated the Horton values. A huge thank you to [Horton’s Volunteer Service Manager] for suggesting this idea and encouraging people to attend.”


Feedback from a member of our Software team who spent a day volunteering at a school supporting students in a mock interview practice session:

“It was a new experience for me so was very enjoyable to be a part of. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.”


Feedback from Horton Housing’s Service Director Sue Atkinson who volunteered at Bradford Homeless Partnership’s fun day for clients and their families:

“It was great to use one of my volunteer days to support the fun day at Horton’s Bradford Homeless Partnership service. Volunteers supported the staff team, running the stalls and making sure that all of the clients, both children and adults, had a super time.

I still have a day of volunteering left to use this year, so I’m looking forward to another opportunity to volunteer in one of our services. It’s a great way for schemes or individuals to have additional resources to support events or accomplish a task. I highly recommend it!”