Since 2022 Horton Housing’s Training Centre (HHTC) has been offering a book borrowing service, in response to requests from students asking if they could take books home either for themselves or their families to help improve their English and compliment their ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes. They found accessing libraries very difficult and intimidating.

From this concept, a previous key worker on Horton’s Step Forward programme came up with the idea of HHTC having its own library, and making it as similar to any other public library as possible. Due to the hard work and efforts of the current Step Forward team based at HHTC who wanted to take this idea forward, and their brilliant volunteer team: Benazir, Sabela and Hiam, the library opened to all students early in 2024.

It has been fantastic watching the volunteers planning what needed to be done and when. They have designed the layout, printed and laminated pictures, made signage and marketed the library to other students, all working together as a team to achieve this. They have grown in confidence, developed new skills and friends, whilst having fun and gaining work experience.

Everyone is really proud of what has been achieved, and the benefits the library will bring to all.

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