How Volunteering Helped Me: Sam Worsley

In the second part of this series, we caught up with former Bradford Homeless Outreach Project volunteer Sam Worsley who has recently taken a job as part of our Intensive Housing Management service.

“I’d been in the banking sector for 13 years and I left employment due to having a young family,” she explained. “I was at home with my family and decided that I needed to get back into work.”

After discussing routes back into employment with her partner, Sam decided that following her passion for helping others and trying to make a difference in the community was what she wanted to do and began volunteering at the Homeless Outreach Project in 2019.

“It involved a bit of paperwork and got me back into using computers again,” she adds. “I did a lot of referrals and also went out on outreach. That involved going out on early mornings and finding vulnerable people on the streets.”

After being out of work for a while to take care of her young family, being part of a team that plays an important role in Bradford was hugely beneficial according to Sam.

“It was massively rewarding for me. It brought my confidence on loads and helped me learn how to speak to people from different backgrounds. It opened my eyes. They helped me more than anything, the team were fabulous. Volunteering helped my confidence and self-esteem massively. I wasn’t great with computers so the skills I learned helped with admin tasks.”

“As soon as I started volunteering, I realised I wanted to work in this sector. It made me find a purpose and my old self again, rather than being just a stay-at-home mum. It gave me the confidence to go for a new job, a first interview in 17 years and I got the job!”

Using her experiences from volunteering, Sam found employment with our Intensive Housing Management service, helping tenants with temporary accommodation.

“I’m in the office doing the admin side at the moment, so I deal with referrals that come from different departments,” she explained. “We add them to the system and then book an assessment to see if our accommodation is suitable for their needs.”

When moving into employment, Sam says that she has been able to take the passion for making a difference developed in her time volunteering with her into her new role.

“I really do enjoy helping others. While there can be similar problems, each customer sees things differently, and working with them is a unique experience. I take satisfaction knowing I was able to solve the problem, and they are grateful. I also like facing challenging to improve relationships with our customers.”

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