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Craven Homeless Hub provides a “hub” based at Pinder House in central Skipton for people who have a high level of housing need, in particular those currently or at risk of rough sleeping, and with an unsettled lifestyle, and other support needs.

There are three parts to the service:

Day Services – offers a lifeline to people who are rough sleeping, or in need of housing or living in poor accommodation.  It is a warm, safe, sociable place, but also a point of contact for getting help with housing and other problems.  Advice and all kinds of practical help and support are on offer under one roof, in easy-access, comfortable surroundings.  Day services are delivered by Craven Homeless Hub staff, as well as other local specialist services, with whom we work in partnership.  See separate timetable for specific details of services available.

Outreach Support – supports people in the community, who are rough sleeping or who are at risk of rough sleeping, regardless of tenure

Supported Accommodation – ten units of self-contained bedsit accommodation at Pinder House in central Skipton. The hostel is staffed 24/7.  All accommodation is fully furnished.  The accommodation is delivered under the principles of Housing First, details of which are below, however, some level of engagement with support is required.  Clients will set the initial level engagement.

There is no time limit on services, although it is hoped that people in our supported accommodation will be ready to move on to permanent housing after a maximum of two years.

To make a referral:

To make a referral or contact us:
Phone: 01756 794882
Text: 07932 644973



The ‘out of hours’ service/number for people who are homeless is delivered by CDC through Ryecare; 01653 699392. People can report a rough sleeper using this number, or the national Streetlink phoneline; 0300 500 0914.  There is lots of information about housing and homelessness, including this information, on the Council’s website;  There is information on there about the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol also


Postal Enquiries:
Pinder House, Horton Housing, Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2NS



Craven Homeless Hub Leaflet 1.8.18

Service Description
Selection and Allocation Policy