Our participant joined the Connecting Opportunities project on the 2nd December 2020 having left India to be with his wife and son here in the UK.

He had worked at an engineering company in India following his graduation as a Mechanical Engineer and had progressed in his career, becoming the companies Executive Engineer, before going on to start his own business in the same field.

The participant and his company were very successful and went on to work on some ground breaking multi-national projects.

The participant referred himself to the project as he wanted support in finding employment within the engineering sector in Yorkshire but was not sure how best to go about this.

He attended Connecting Opportunities Job Club at Horton Housing’s training centre, with the advice of his keyworker and support from his volunteer befriender. They created a professional CV that reflected his career achievements and the abilities he has to offer potential employers.

Due to the specialist nature of his career it was necessary to make a referral to charitable organisation Growing Points who specialise in helping highly qualified or skilled migrants make connections within their respective fields by the use of professional mentors.

Growing Points accepted the referral and very quickly put the participant in touch with a CEO of an engineering company in Sheffield, who they thought could help. He continued to attend job search sessions, and engaged in befriending activities in the community.

The befriending activities gave him more confidence in finding his way around the city independently and also helped him become aware of some of the amazing multi-cultural events that take place in Bradford.

The participant enjoyed meeting with his befriender and chatting about cricket, spiritualism and life in general. He was supported throughout by his keyworker, who offered advice on transport, checked through presentations and offered reassurance in order to maintain his confidence in himself as the process of finding the right opportunity was taking some time.

The participant remained positive all through the process and his patience was rewarded when after four rounds of interviews he was offered a position with a Sheffield based engineering company who were looking to start a production facility in India and saw him as the perfect candidate for this.

The participant was delighted, and was grateful to his befriender, keyworker and all the team who had supported him in his journey. He said that he now feels he is in a great place where he will be able to “build a career and be able to achieve his potential” in a progressive company and support his family.

This is a great result for the participant and his family and underlines the importance of working co-operatively within the Connecting Opportunities team, with volunteers and with third party organisations when supporting individuals.

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