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Ben’s stepfather was physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive towards him. Ben, 19, left the family home when he was 16 and sofa-surfed for a year. He started a relationship with a young woman and she became pregnant. They had moved into a small bedsit, which was in bad condition and poorly managed.

Ben received tenancy support from YPASS. The couple moved into a two-bedroom housing association flat and received support from YPASS to set up and maintain the tenancy. Ben was given help to clear his debts and apply for a course at Kirklees College. YPASS gave Ben support with budgeting and helped him to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) to cover the shortfall in rent for the second bedroom until the baby was born.

When his relationship ended, his partner moved out of the flat with their baby and Ben had to top-up the rent for the spare bedroom. YPASS supported him to access a one-bedroom tenancy, keep his benefits and live independently.
* Not his real name


Samantha, 18, was referred to YPASS as she was living in temporary accommodation and at risk of sexual exploitation. She smoked cannabis regularly and didn’t feel ready to manage a property on her own.

Samantha was given support to maintain good mental health, to stop smoking and not be a danger to herself, or others. She was supported to manage a budget and maximise her income. After a year in temporary accommodation, she felt ready to live independently and was supported to apply for and maintain her own home.

Samantha has now completed a level two course at Kirklees College and has a part-time job in the town centre.
* Not her real name

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