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Peter* is an alcoholic. He also has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, anxiety and depression, and gender dysmorphia. He is being supported by our Intensive Housing Management service in Kirklees. 

My last place was a shared house and I felt unsafe. I had to eat out a lot as I didn’t feel safe and I ended up drinking a lot. One of the other blokes that lived there would tease and humiliate me; I didn’t object. I knew he was not my friend. He was taking the piss, having a go, so I played along with it, but I didn’t feel safe. I would go out from the house to avoid him.
Mick, my support worker, told me about Water Street, about the manager there. I asked if she would hold it against me that I was a transsexual. Mick said she wouldn’t, but I didn’t believe him. I had my doubts and at the assessment, I lied and told her I was straight. It was only later that I felt safe to come out to her as I realised I could trust her and the staff there.
My CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) was on holiday when I was assessed and I had already moved to Water Street by the time he came back. He was very shocked as he didn’t think I would ever leave my last place, even though I wasn’t happy there. He had tried to persuade me to leave many times.
I feel safe at Water Street. The staff are my best friends and I can be honest and open with people. I see the staff nearly every day and that keeps me going. I have other support workers that come to visit me and I get along with them. I can stay at home now and cook meals in my flat. I am an alcoholic and although I keep trying to stop, I am in a better place now. Before there were so many triggers for me to drink.
I like the newsletter at Water Street. There are loads of pictures of me in them all the time and I like that! I like the activities and getting to meet other people and try new things. I want to stay here.
* Not his real name