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Laura* was placed in Horton Housing’s Grattan Studios in Bradford due to fleeing a previous tenancy. Whilst living in Grattan Studios she became tenancy ready and was referred to Horton’s Bradford Tenancy Support Service (BTSS) for support with finding permanent accommodation.

Laura was matched to a property and with joint working between Grattan Studios and BTSS, she moved into her own tenancy with Incommunities in February. Before moving, BTSS supported her to purchase furnishings, flooring and a fridge-freezer to help her settle in quickly. She had also been buying items for her new property whilst living in Grattan studios and continued to buy items to ensure she felt she had made it as homely as possible.

Laura had recently become abstinent from alcohol and drugs at the point of BTSS support. In January she was offered Antabuse medication through Change, Grow, Live (CGL) a charity which specialises in substance misuse support. Laura went to stay with a friend in Leeds for moral support for the first week whilst she started her medication. She has maintained abstinence and has been clean from all substances for nearly six months and continues to provide clean tests to CGL.

This has allowed her to re-engage with social services with the view of applying for contact with her youngest children and she can now visit her 16-year-old daughter in Sheffield unsupervised. Since COVID-19, Laura has maintained all of the above and has also re-built her relationship with her daughter and now has access to her grandchildren.

Laura is now on an exit plan and real determination has enabled her to succeed with successful outcomes. It has been a real pleasure to see all of this happen whilst supporting her.

*not her real name