Case study: Darren

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Darren came to BRICSS after having his left leg amputated,following complications from a stroke.

His privately rented home was unsuitable for him to return to because there were damp problems which he felt had already affected his health.

He said: “I was living on my own place but the landlord neglected the property. I was becoming ill with the damp. The place was falling apart. I had a blood clot in my leg and right side of brain. I went for a test at BRI, then woke up to find out I had had a stroke on the Sunday morning.

“Then on the Tuesday I was told they were going to take my leg off. I’m fine with it. I’m not one for wallowing.”

Darren was then offered a place at BRICSS.

“I have now discharged from any more treatment,” he said, “So I live life the best I can. I do my own shopping. The feeling went in my left hand, but it’s slowly coming back.”

Darren is looking forward to the next stage of his recovery – moving from BRICSS to temporary accommodation.

He said: “Support here has been brilliant – I couldn’t have asked for any better. No one said ‘no, you can’t do this’ – I’ve never had that, ever.”