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Daniel, 32, was going through a difficult period in his life when a friend recommended he got in touch with Horton Housing.

He became homeless after a relationship breakdown and for a while slept rough or stayed with friends.

One of these friends recommended he contacted Horton Housing.

He said: “I had been going through some difficult stuff in my personal life and my head went for a bit and I started self-harming.”

But through Horton’s STAY in Grattan scheme, Daniel has been getting support for his mental health, paying off debts and getting his life back on track.

He has been with the scheme for six months and support workers have allowed him to stay on for longer until he feels ready to live independently.

“Everyone has been really helpful here,” said Daniel, “I was a bit vulnerable and had blocked people out of my problems.

“I am now going to try and save – I would like my own place by Christmas. I would also like to see my family more.”

Once Daniel gets his own place he is also considering going to university.

The STAY in Grattan scheme supports vulnerable adults with multiple or complex needs who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It provides temporary accommodation and supports people to get back on track to live independently.