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Chris is looking forward to a brighter future after Horton Housing supported him to tackle his drinking problem and build a stable life for himself.

He said: “I had a drinking problem. It caused my relationship with my partner to break down. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis so I was causing more stress. The best thing to do was to leave the family home.”

Things then got even worse for Chris, as he ended up serving a six-month prison sentence on assault charges which led to him losing his job and finding himself homeless when he was released.

After seeking help from Scarborough Borough Council, he was referred to Horton Housing who supported him in temporary accommodation. But he still had other problems.

“My drinking took a massive turn,” he said.  “I felt sorry for myself – I was in and out of hospital. I got diagnosed with liver damage and had to do a detox in hospital.

“One of my support workers was in hospital every day with me. It gave me a lot of thinking time and I needed to reach out. I wouldn’t reach out to friends because I was in denial.”

But with support from Horton, he was able to gradually move forwards and tackle his drinking head-on.

He said “I’ve been going to AA meetings. From what I was like then to what I am now is a massive difference. H has been a lifeline. I was in a bad state of repair – the way I was living was quite embarrassing.”

And now Chris, who has been clean for three and a half months, is determined to make the most of the second chance he has and is about to move into a flat and hopes to get a job.