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Alison was referred to Horton Housing by her CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse). She had been living in private accommodation but felt unsafe there. She moved to our Intensive Housing Management Accommodation in Water Street, Huddersfield two years ago.
‘I used to get up early in the morning and wander the street. The workmen were not nice to me and I used to get upset. Through the back door there was soot like someone was going to set a fire. That’s when my CPN rung Sue, the manager at Water Street, to see if there were any flats.
‘When I first came to live at Water Street, I was shy. I hardly talked and I was scared. Now I have grown in confidence, I am no longer a shy girl, thanks to Sue and Emily [her music teacher].
‘What I like about Water Street is it is secure, the people who live here are nice, we do activities and have meals like breakfasts from different countries. We go out for meals, play bingo and games of bowling and we all have a good time.
‘This is me now: happy, always got a smile, nearly always selling hello to everyone in the morning in the flats, going out to meet my friend who I have known since I was 15 years’ old, keeping myself busy and I like going shopping. Some people might call me a shopaholic!’
Alison is feeling a lot happier in her new home, which she has decorated with lots of owls. She has had no hospital admissions since she moved to the accommodation.
She has also been helped by the Women’s Centre in Huddersfield. She started writing poetry to express her emotions and went to a music group. Some of her poetry has now been set to music and recorded for a CD called ‘Rough Tracks of Life: Sisters Sing’.
Alison likes to go on holiday and is planning a trip to Eastbourne. She has also been very helpful in encouraging other clients to get involved with group activities.
‘I come in and say hello in the morning and again at night, and Sue makes sure I’m alright.’

Best of Friends

It’s been a long time
Since I saw you,
I hope it’s not the last.
You make me laugh,
When you’re around
And you’re always there when I am down.


Best of friends, we are,
Just keep that in your mind.
I will be there when you need me,
Through bad and good times.


Just look around, I will be there,
A shoulder to cry on,
A person to laugh with,
And share a joke.


And at the end of the day
We go on our way home,
Waving our hands and thinking
What a time we had.