Board Profile: Wayne Noteman

With over 20 years in housing regeneration, I have extensive knowledge of the sector and have served on a number of different boards, including Bradford and Leeds YouthBuild Trusts and Bradford Community Housing Trust (now InCommunities).

I am passionately committed to improving the choices on offer to local communities through the provision of good quality, affordable housing and support. Horton Housing is an organisation that I have always admired and the opportunity to join the Board fitted well with my ethos.

I bring years of experience and knowledge, as well as a wide network of colleagues introduce new ideas and develop good practice. It is great to be part of a successful organisation that is meeting the needs of vulnerable people and I have been delighted to see us go from strength to strength in the time that I have been involved with the Board.

Wayne is a member of the Group Asset Management & Development Committee and sits on both the Chartford Housing Limited and Horton Housing Association Boards.