Sarah Benjamin

Board Profile: Sarah Benjamin

I’ve worked in the social housing sector for over 30 years in middle and senior management roles. I’ve worked mainly in neighbourhood services including tenancy management, and have worked for a large registered social landlord. Initially I was attracted to the Board because of the work that Horton Housing do.

I’m very passionate about working with marginalised groups including people experiencing homelessness, mental health issues and refugees. I also wanted to gain experience working at a strategic level as a Board member. I bring with me a range of experience particularly in people management and client involvement. Having good knowledge of the groups Horton Housing work with helps me engage with tenants effectively.

As a Board member, I learn a lot more about the issues and challenges surrounding Horton Housing and the clients we work with, as well as learning from the experience of other Board members, especially those who have worked at senior levels. I also learn about the construction and building industry, the types of accommodation Horton provides and the processes around bidding for contracts.

I’m a director at Women’s Refuge and I am very passionate about working with them. I enjoy travelling, nice food and watching football!

Sarah is a member of the Chartford Housing Limited Board.