Phil Charlton

Board Profile: Phil Charlton

Having grown up in Essex and moved to Leeds in my early 20s, I’d had a variety of jobs before being made redundant from a sheet metal factory. My career in housing started in the 1990s, when I became a Research Assistant at Horton Housing before moving to Leeds City Council shortly after. I’ve worked in a number of roles at the Council, including as an advocate for an estate based tenant management board.

Passionate about social justice and support services, I was attracted to the board by the positive experience I’d had whilst briefly working for Horton. The organisation seemed to share a similar ethos to myself and focussed on supporting very marginalised groups who were often overlooked by mainstream housing providers and the media.

I also wanted to give something back whilst getting a different viewpoint on the social housing world and having experienced a number of the issues facing some of our client groups including being homeless, living on benefits, substance abuse and the crime and violence that can at times accompany these situations, I felt I had a lot in common with some of the client groups Horton provide support to.

I get an immense sense of pride from being involved and being part of the leadership of such a well-respected organisation, as well as the camaraderie with fellow board members. It also helps my ongoing development as a strategic leader and keeps me in touch with developments in the social housing sector.

In 2005, I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Housing Studies and became a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. I’m currently studying for an MBA, as part of a Senior Leaders apprenticeship programme which I’m due to complete soon.

Three interesting facts about me:

• I’m a West Ham United supporter
• I’m a keen angler
• I enjoy Electronic Dance Music

Three very different hobbies I know!

Phil is a member of the Chartford Housing Limited Board and the Group Asset Management and Development Committee.