Board Profile: Mark Dowson

As the Chair of the Board, I hope I bring some leadership qualities and encourage great discussion and conversation. Having 15 years in the industry and being a member of the Charted Institute of Housing, I have valuable experience and housing knowledge on some of the more challenging aspects we face.

 Working for Calderdale Council, I was very aware of the work of Horton Housing so I was really interested in being part of the organisation. A change of role meant that I began to work less with housing associations and registered suppliers and I wanted to ensure that I was still involved in housing delivery. Now, I am the Development Company Manager of the Council’s housing development company and work to increase housing across the borough.

What I value most from my position on the Board is being able to pay something back to the community. I have the housing knowledge that I have built up over time and I enjoy putting it to good use. The fact it helps an often vulnerable client group by providing quality accommodation for people in need is very rewarding. I’m very approachable and like to think that new and existing board members can always come to talk to me about anything.

Away from the Board, my young son is always keeping me on my toes! I enjoy doing fun things as a family on weekends, socialising with friends – the usual carry on!

Mark is the Chair of the Chartford Housing Limited Board and the Vice-Chair of the Group Asset Management & Development Committee.