Clive Greenwood

Board Profile: Clive Greenwood

I joined the housing sector through Leeds City Council housing options services. I am currently leading the income management side of the rent collection and tenancy support team at Unity Housing Association, which I’ve been doing for seven years.

Horton Housing specialises in supported housing, which is different to my general needs housing background. I was attracted to something that was a little different to my current role that would give me new challenges and the opportunity to gain new experiences and learning. I hoped that I would also be able to bring some relevant operational knowledge and experience.

This is my first board position, and Horton were very clear that they didn’t necessarily need previous board experience as they were looking for new ideas. As Horton is based locally to me, it seemed like a good opportunity. I gain a greater understanding of the strategic workings of organisations at executive levels and expand my knowledge of supported housing and development.

I bring a curiosity and willingness to question the Board and use my experience to give a different perspective. My role is primarily to question why things are done in the way that they are and offer new ideas and an alternative viewpoint to trigger thoughts and conversations on how the organisation can change and develop.

Three facts about me:

• I am a former teacher
• I coach my son’s football team
• I enjoy a number of sports

Clive is a member of the Chartford Housing Limited Board.