Group Audit Committee

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Horton Housing Group is made up of Horton Housing Association (HHA) as the parent, with subsidiary members Horton Housing Support Limited, Bradford Base Social Enterprise Company Limited and Chartford Housing Limited.

As the parent member, HHA’s Board of Management retains ultimate responsibility for the risk management and internal control systems of the Group.

HHA’s Board has constituted the Group Audit Committee to assist the Group’s Boards in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities for financial reporting and internal controls and for maintaining an appropriate relationship with the internal and external auditors.

  • David Noble  (Chair)
  • Ray Milne
  • Yvonne Castle
  • David Collier (Finance Director)
  • Gudrun Haskins Carlisle (Services Director)
  • Sue Atkinson (Services Director)
  • Carolyn Piggott (Quality Assurance Manager)