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Service Details
Upper Valley Older Persons Support Service (UVOPSS)
Floating support service for older people in the upper valley area of Calderdale. The service provides face to face support, group activities and drop-ins.
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Opening Times: The service is available between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. If support is necessary outside these hours it will be considered on an individual basis.

Visiting Times:

Telephone: 01422 883301
Manager: John Sayer
Unit 11a
Top Land Country Business Park
Cragg Road
Hebden Bridge


UVOPSS stands for Upper Valley Older Person's Support service. It is a floating support service, providing support to older people (generally aged 55 years and above) in the Upper Valley area of Calderdale. We support older people to maintain their accommodation and independence.


The service is long-term, which means support is offered for up to five years.


1. Providing the right support at the right time
2. Providing good quality information, advice and advocacy
3. Maximising people's independence and minimising continuing dependency on services
4. Enabling people to stay healthy, safe and well within their own home
5. Services being flexible enough to respond to people in crisis
6. investing in community services that prevent people requiring intensive (acute) care interventions
7. To provide a high quality housing support service to older people, which is responsive to their needs, circumstances and aspirations, in order that they can remain living in their own home.
8. To support and encourage clients to develop existing skills and gain confidence in their ability to manage their own homes independently.






Support is tailored to individual needs. Staff and clients work this out together through needs assessment and support planning.

At UVOPSS we offer

1. Assistance in setting up and maintaining a home or tenancy.
2. Assistance with securing Housing Benefit and maximising welfare benefits income.
3. Assistance with reducing rent arrears and debts.
4. Developing confidence around budgeting and domestic skills.
5. Assistance with establishing personal safety and security.
6. Advocacy and liaison with landlords, utility services and/or other relevant agencies.
7. Advice with issues around home maintenance and self care.
8. Assistance with moving accommodation.
9. Identifying appropriate agencies to provide specialist support or healthcare, and assisting with access to these.
10. Emotional support during stressful times to try and prevent loss of accommodation through inability to cope.

Please note that the scheme is only able to provide housing related support. We are unable to provide assistance with personal care (e.g. cooking, cleaning, Home Care).

Referral Route:








Referrals can be made by contacting a member of UVOPSS either in writing, email, in person or by telephone.

We accept referrals from any source including self-referrals or referrals from friends or family.


Support Type: Visiting Support
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