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Service Details
GaTEWAY (North Yorkshire)
Accommodation and health promotion related support service for Gypsies, Roma, Travellers and Showpeople, aged 16 or over, across North Yorkshire.
Gypsy musicians
Opening Times: 9am - 5 pm Monday - Friday

Visiting Times:

Telephone: 01757 241020 or 07584 015746
Manager: Hannah Brown
Room 8
First Floor Community House
Portholme Road

GaTEWAY North Yorkshire is an accommodation and health promotion related support service for Gypsies, Roma, Travellers and Showpeople (GRTS) across North Yorkshire. We work with single people, couples, families and older teenagers. Our support is short-term. It can range from very brief involvement up to a maximum of two years.


Our main aim is to support GRTS wishing to live independently in the community and maintain their cultural identity. We also aim: • To provide an accessible, responsive service for GRTS, in any tenure, who may have difficulty accessing accommodation or services. • To prevent homelessness and support GRTS in maintaining their choice of accommodation and lifestyle. • To support GRTS in developing the skills and confidence to live independently in their chosen setting, whether on sites or in housing. • To support and encourage GRTS to access other services that can help with health, well-being, education and accommodation


Referral Route:

You can refer yourself or be referred by other professionals, carers or family members. Our postal address is: GaTEWAY Room 8 Community House Portholme Road Selby YO8 4QQ Telephone: 01757 241020 or 07584 015746 E-mail: Website: Once we have the referral details we will contact you to arrange an initial assessment date within one week. We may do this by telephone or in person. Where appropriate, priority is given to cases that may require a faster response.

Support Type: Visiting Support
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