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Huw Jones
Huw Jones
Huw was born in 1958 in Wimbledon, London. On leaving school he had number of jobs before going to Leeds University in 1982. Following graduation in 1985, he worked as a research assistant at the University on research into single homelessness before becoming a Housing Research Officer at Kirklees Council in 1987. Huw moved to Leeds City Council in 1990, where for 15 years, he was responsible for housing strategy, policy analysis, research and housing market assessment at a number of managerial levels.

Huw currently works for renew, a charity dedicated to supporting the regeneration of neighbourhoods. Huw manages the Leeds Housing Partnership, provides information , advice and consultancy to housing g providers and undertakes a range of housing market assessment work .

Huw is passionate about housing issues, services to vulnerable people and communities and is committed to securing real improvements in the quality of housing provision and neighbourhoods.


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