Case study: Howard and Alisha

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Through our Peer Mentoring Scheme, Alisha (a mentor) and Howard (a client) meet up once a week and spend this time enjoying each other’s company doing a variety of activities.

Howard came to our Peer Mentoring Service in November 2016 feeling lonely and isolated. He said: “I wanted company. I was staying in a lot and didn’t see many people.”

Howard enjoys spending time with Alisha and together they do a variety of activities such as going into town, visiting the park and watching DVDs.

Through accessing the Peer mentoring Service, Howard’s mental wellbeing has improved. He said: “Before, I found life a little too quiet. Alisha has cheered me up.  I found that this gives me positive ideas for what to do and gives me a positive routine.”

Alisha became a mentor after her own experiences of using mental health services gave her the inspiration to give back. She previously accessed the Peer Mentor Service as a client and her own mentor recommended volunteering.

Howard is Alisha’s first client.  Alisha enjoys being a mentor and notices that their time spent together has positively affected Howard’s mental health. She said: “It’s nice to see that Howard is meeting up with his friends more and getting out a lot more with my help.”

“I’ve learnt a lot of things that you wouldn’t learn in another setting. There’s a lot of listening involved.”

“The role has made a huge improvement to my mental health too. You learn a lot about other people and you don’t feel alone.”