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We want our website to be accessible to everyone that uses it. We use the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 standards and recommendations as a guide. We aim to have many pages meeting the Double-A or Triple-A levels.


Main formats

We publish our electronic publications in PDF and/or Microsoft Word format, with occasional Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint attachments. You can download free programmes from the Microsoft website to view these documents


Or you may wish to use Open Office, a free alternative to Microsoft. Downloaded Open Office here.


You can also read Adobe’s information on accessibility and the PDF format and download Adobe Reader.


Text size

There are several ways to adjust the size of the text via your internet browser. You can often do this by holding Ctrl on your keyboard and rolling the wheel on your mouse. The Web Accessibility Initiative explains how to change font sizes in different browsers. The Royal National Institute of Blind People provides information on screen magnification and browser accessibility.


There is also a facility to change the text size on the Horton Housing website. At the top of the screen alongside some text saying 'Change text size' there is a large letter 'A'. Clicking that will increase the text size, and clicking the small one will reduce it again.


Alternate colour scheme

At the top of the screen is a link to a high contrast colour scheme. Click 'high visibility' to change to this and 'default' to change back again.


Alternate languages

The website contains a method for converting the text to alternate languages via Google Translate. It is at the bottom of the website and is labelled 'Select Language'.


This is an automatic translation service and so may not meet the high standards of manual translation by a native speaker, but we hope that it will enable the website to be accessed by a larger number of people. Please contact Horton Housing or the specific service if you have any questions about the information provided and always check any details if you are unsure.


Translating documents

Follow this link for instructions to translate documents


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